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Why we don't do Black Friday or Boxing Day Sales

Posted by Aurora Bowery on

As a small business one would think we would participate in the two biggest shopping periods of the year, Black Friday and Boxing Day.  But we don't for a reason.

We don't have the budget to compete against the print and digital marketing of the large businesses such as Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, etc.  We also don't carry expensive products that we can discount by hundreds of dollars to make the sale seem appealling and urgent at the same time.

We make all of our products on our farm in SW Sask which allows us to keep our prices low since we don't have to pay the costs of a workshop or store front.  This means that our profit margin is small and we can't do large discounts on our products more than once a year which we already do with our Customer Appreciation Sale.

But most importantly, we don't want you rushing into an order.  While we love it when we get a sale, we want the sale to happen because they have looked at many of our products and made a decision to try our products.  We don't want our customers spending money they don't have simply because of the pressure of Black Friday and Boxing Day to spend, spend, spend.

We hold great sales throughout the year that our customers can take advantage of including our Customer Appreciation Sale in July.

So instead of competing with large companies that can provide hundreds of dollars in savings, we hold a sale in October and we hold our own version of Boxing Day in January when people can take a look at their finances and decide if they want/can buy from us.




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