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What is Ostara and How to Celebrate it?

Posted by Angela Bowery on

Ostara is an Anglo-Saxon Pagan holiday that is celebrated on the first day of Spring, around March 21st.  The day celebrates birth, fertility, rebirth, and dawn among other things. It is a time when the Goddess has fully embraced her Maiden stage which represents rebirth, fertility, and growth.

The Hare is closely connected with Ostara.  This animal represents the coming of Spring, fertility, abundance, and rebirth.  The story The Goddess and The Hare has become a recent tradition of Ostara.  It is now commonly re-enacted on the first day of Spring.

It is now time to start thinking about your goals and being working towards them.  It is a time of new beginnings.  Your goals are waiting for you to start the journey.

Activities to celebrate Ostara: Egg painting, Spring cleaning, planting flowers, yard cleaning, take a walk in nature to reconnect with Mother Earth.

Let me know what your favourite activities are to help celebrate Spring.

This is a basic summary of the Ostara and does not include all the information about this holiday.


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