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Testing New Products

Posted by Angela Bowery on

We are excited to announce that we will be testing new products in January for a Spring release.  We have had many suggestions from our followers and customers about products they would be interested in.  We take suggestions all year long so be sure to send us a message about a product you would like to see!

We can't guarantee that we will carry all product suggestions, but we are always interested in new products.  If you have any suggestions about scents or scent combinations be sure to let us know!

The number one suggested product was lotion! Due to our love of goat milk, we have decided not to do liquid lotions.  All of our research has shown that liquid goat milk lotions require many preservatives or a lot of unhealthy bacteria growth happens (not everything natural is good for you!).  Some of our research suggests that even large, well-known brands that carry liquid goat milk lotion may have levels of bacteria that are above permitted levels after sitting on a retail shelf!

Instead, we have decided to test solid lotion bars that uses goat milk powder (we make our own goat milk powder).  The lack of water and liquids prevents bacteria and microbe growth, plus it makes it easier to travel.  No more spills and no problems taking it through airport security! 

Other Products

Some other products we will be testing are lip balms, spinning bath fizzles, shower melts, and bubble bath soap dough! These products will help us to provide more goat milk products to our fans.

As always, we believe that wholesome, simple products should not empty the bank account of the average consumer.  We work to provide quality ingredients for an affordable price.

If you are interested in becoming a tester for us (who doesn't love free products!) please send us an email at


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